Boyfriend From Hell

This could go on and on and on and on, but I'll keep it simple. Drunk, surly, profane, unemployed, stupid, abusive (verbally and physically), and not even good looking.

Drunk: Drinking seems to be his only talent. He's 23 years old and still brags about his drinking like he was 16.

Surly: That's pretty self-explanatory. Neither family nor her friends want anything to do with him. Even my daughter admits that, "He's a douche" whenever other people are around.

Profane: Sailors blush around him. He seems incapable of uttering even a single complete sentence without including profanity.

Unemployed: The only job he's ever had that lasted over a month was working for his own father. Even his father finally got fed up and fired him. But of course it's never his fault; it's always an unfair boss who just doesn't like him and who persecutes him.

Stupid: Judging by his words and actions, I would estimate his IQ to be about the same as a box of rocks.

Abusive: He constantly belittles her and has told her on more than one accasion that she was, "a worthless piece of sh*t'. He has also advised her that she should kill herself. He's beat her up at least twice. Maybe more, but she's kept it hidden from me. She did go to the cops once, but when they assigned it to an investigator, she just dropped it.

Not good looking: Not that it would make any difference in light of the other things, but the guy isn't even good looking. That's not just my opinion either. Several of her friends have talked to me about this relationship because they're concerned about her. More than one has said something about not understanding what she sees in him and specifically said, "and he's not even good looking".
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