I Hate My Daughters Boyfriend

When I first met him I thought - he's a little goofy, heavy, sloppy , but as long as he's nice to my girl than ok . I come to find that he's not nice at all to her. He's emotionally abusive . He tells her she's fat when he's like 300 pounds! He calls her a stupid *****. He says she's selfish for taking a summer class & the kicker - if she doesn't start sleeping over- then he's breaking up with her. We of course are not allowing this and want her to break up with him. She gave up her friends & he's got her so twisted up she can't think straight. Now she's not talking to me cause I won't even look at him & don't want him in my house .
I want her to see how poorly he's treating her but she only clings to him more. What do I do?
Roseoflima Roseoflima
2 Responses Jun 9, 2012

"He tells her she's fat when he's like 300 pounds!"

Is she fat? Help her lose weight with a sparse, nutritious, well-balanced meal plan and exersice, and she won't have trouble finding other guys!

Stand your ground. We were wishy washy, that is not the way to go. For some reason these girls are picking these fools. Look, you're the parent. It's our job to TELL them the truth. They have friends that can be nice, that isn't your job. IF she stays because you were weak you'll feel like hell. You can't win this, but you can be honest. If he is a bum, so be it, don't make it easy. We made it easy, so the relationship lingered on & on & on, making it harder to break them up. Read the other threads where mothers NOW have grandchildren on top of the BUMS! Don't do that. That will ruin her life. Leave the door open for her, let her know SHE is always welcome & you will always love her. BUT, tell her you will let her know if you ever change your mind on the "bum". Tell her you don't want to talk about him. If she brings him up (like she'll try to talk him up to you) you say, I don't like him, and if that ever changes you'll be the first to know. Keep it short, stand your ground. But, always tell your daughter you love her & she is welcome.