My Step-daughter's Demise

Where to begin? We have a crazy family that lives 3 doors down who have a daughter my step-daughter's age. We made it through elementary as well as middle school and got lucky their kids were going to a catholic high school. Long story short the mother decides to send the daughter, my step daughter's age to the public high school her senior year. Ummm what, after 3 years.....that was the start of my step-daughter's depression, treatment and now change of direction in her life. This family ruined her senior year, making her the care taker for the now wild daughter. To make a long story short she ended up in treatment for depression, missed a month of her senior year and was really messed up. So she distances herself from the friend and family, but WAIT, she decides to date her brother, who we come to find out she has been MEETING up with since 8th grade. REALLY? My husband and I can't stand this boy! Any suggestions?
catyocs catyocs
46-50, F
Sep 13, 2012