I Dont Know What To Do.

My daughter is 21 her boy friend is 21 as well. he lives with his parents, has no car and no job, and to top it all he has no teeth. what in the world does she see in him? she would rather be with him sleeping in a nasty trailor. I hate him and he knows how I feel about the situation.he takes her to work and has her car while she is at work. his mother nor father works they are nasty water bugs crawling every where. I dont get along with her because she knows how I feel and he does to. I have told him get your lazy a.. up and fing you a job and stop using my daughter. I give up! She dont call me and when I call her I get attitude. Should I not call her and see if she calls me. I have to leave a key outside so she can come in and shower and clean up. although she stays every night with that.PLEASE HELP ME I NEED SOME ADVISE!
healooser healooser
Sep 15, 2012