**** Guy Who Keeps Her As A Safety Net

OMG Beautiful blond blue eyed athletic smart girl keeps a flame for a guy who has done nothing but disrespect her. While they were dating he went on a cruise and posted a picture of himself kissing another girl on the cheek as his facebook profile picture then says it was nothing. Breaks up with my daughter two weeks later saying he wants to enjoy his last few weeks of summer then begs to get invited to her sweet 16. WELL the week of her party he posts on FB his new relationship. Thanks *******. Has been in and out of her life for last year and now he wants my daughter to meet his current GF. Really I am gonna punch his face in and kill my own kid for thinking this is OK. WTF I can't takemuch more of his BS but if I tell her she can't see or talk to him she will only want the DB more. Thanks for letting me vent.
blondbomb06460 blondbomb06460
Sep 22, 2012