Crazy, Stupid, Hotmess

I hate my daughters BF. he does not want to work she is constantly buying and doing for him. he has a daughter and he is still talking to his babies mother while he is talking to my daughter. she knows but she feels that no one else will want her because her but is flat.. WTF I have taught her every lesson tha i could and self esteem was on the top of that list i am not sure what happended. he learned taht she was coming into a trut fund and two-weeks before her 18th B-Day all of a sudden she is the bees knees. and she was told by several friends that he just wants her money but she said people should mine their business. i agree to a certain degree if you have 20 people that have known him fo the last 17 years and they all are saying the same thing it's time to listen. he is a user he lies about working and i just look at her because how can he work if he always stuck under you. hmmmmmmm
his baby mother told him to break up with my daughter and he told her my baby mom told me to break up with you i told her then. leave him alone. he called her later to say he will work out something s that she wouldn't know that they are talking im like you can;t seriously be telling me this crazy hotmess.... shortly after my husband check him abot being with the baby mm and my daughter and trying to take her money my daughter moved out the next week. guess what she thought he was going to have an apartment for them instead she was sleeping on people floor and couches and he was at his mom's sleeping in a bed. so now that she is broke and he has taken her money she back home. but he still lingering i guess with the hopes of gettign more.
kingdom73 kingdom73
Nov 26, 2012