I Hate My Daughters Boyfriend!!!

My 21 year old daughter chose so poorly. She is with a mouse of a man. He is a drug user and I suspect a dealer as well. They have a son who is my joy and main concern. This has been going on for over two years. He has hit my daughter and abused not only her but me, my husband and my son...mentally, physically, emotionally, and verbally. He is a bad seed. My daughter is so blind!! I've told her over and over what he is and how he is but she doesn't budge. She thinks she loves him. She knows that he's not a good person but yet she stays!!! This has been going on far too long. He is in trouble with the law but always weasels his way out of it. I do not understand that. I would give my arms to have her get away from him!! I am at my wits end!!!
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I feel for you. I hate my daughter's boyfriend too. How is your daughter doing now?

I'm so sorry to hear of your problems. It makes mine minuscule in comparison.
I'd say if my daughters boyfriend ever became abusive to my wife and I, I'd go off on him.
But he has been abusive to us by making us both out to be liars and our daughter has backed him i his lies.

The only advice I could give you is that you need to turn them both in for the drugs and take her child from her to protect her child from what's going on.
I'd tell her that she can ruin her life, but her child is a whole different story and that you and your husband will not stand by an let it happen.

If he's hitting you guys Y'all need to call the police and get his butt in jail!
But the main thing you need to do is get that baby out of that situation ASAP!

Ah, what love can do to judgment. That sounds so sad. Men shouldn't hit their family. I wonder what she is thinking when everybody around her is getting hurt. How old is your grandchild?

My grandson is 3. Lost a grandson in August to SIDS. He was 82 days old. This guy is so bad for her and she is blind. Ofcourse he's beat her self esteem down to nothing. I would do anything if she would just wake up and get away from him. I cry about this everyday

I can only imagine the pain you are going through right now. I wish your daughter will realize what a predicament she is placing herself and her son with her decision to stay with him. I know it must really hurt. There she was, the girl you gave life to, bathe, fed, loved, and cared into adulthood, only to be willing to be brutalized everyday. That must drive a mother insane.

It has been all consuming. I pray that God intervenes.

You have got to put your foot down and get that grand baby out of that situation!

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