My Daughters Boyfriend Cannot Open His Mouth Without Saying A Lie

My daughter is 18. Legally she can do what she wants and I can't stop her. She is a good girl, but certainly not perfect. She did good in school, didn't give us any problems. I did find out about her doing some smoking (not pot, just legal cig) and drinking while underage. While that upsets me, I try to remember it could be worse.

We moved two states away when she was a Junior in High School. Her brother stayed behind since he had already graduated, and that was tough. When she graduated high school she decided to move back. Everything wasn't as wonderful as she remembered it so within a month she came back home with us. She met this guy a while back and they had been texting for a while. When she came back she went out with thim and it is clear they became "serious" quickly as she is now pregnant. He is 5 years older than her and divorced with a 2 year old. The age freaked my husband out but in the grand picture 5 years isn't that big a deal, and most people have some sort of "baggage" so the divorce doesn't bother me either. As for the child, she is adorable and we have never felt that "blood" is the only way you are related.

The problem is this: he lies all the time. He stated he was military, special forces, winning two medal's of honor. He was honorably discharged but he can't speak of it . My daughter claims when he even told her he can't speak of it (on the phone) the next night a black van was parked outside his apartment watching him. He loves to talk about how much he makes, and forever asks us how much we make or what we paid for things. He has no job, but we always hear about how he got this call or that call and they will be moving to this state or that state and making 6 figures and so on. Never happens. He has a DUI. He tries to tell us that he can't ride in anyones car because he has to be monitored with the blowing thing in his car at all times. He tries to correct us all the time. Now I don't know everything but I am an educated executive, I don't take to kindly to a young kid trying to always correct me over things I know I am right on.

So they have been at my house the past few nights using the computer to apply for jobs. (Oh and my daughter has a job but he still can't find one) He used my computer because my daughters has an updated EI and it wouldn't work on some of the sites. He saved his resume to my computer. So I looked at it. Besides the layout sucking, his work history is horrible and it shows he was only in the military for 4 months.

So at the end of the day I know he is lying, but I can't say anything to my daughter. It will only push her away. I have to sit back and wait for her to see the reality of the situation, and be there for her when it all falls apart. I just wish I could find prove to show her before it gets worse. As it stands right now she defends everything about him. And I get that, as I did it with her father. However, while he wasn't exactly motivated to work when we were younger, he never lied about things.

Anyway, thanks for letting me vent. It doesn't change anything but it does help to get it off my chest.
LovelandCo LovelandCo
Jan 21, 2013