My Dilemma

my daughter is really stuck on this total loser.  She is 18 in college and doing very well..except for her need to be with this jerk.  when she was 16- they met online and he was 20.  She would wait until I fell asleep and then sneak out of the house and stay at his apartment.  I caught her one day by accident.  I mean - I never had any issues with her before and trusted her totally. i broke them up and all stayed quiet for awhile.  At 17 I gave her a used car and things were fine.  Within a few months she was sneaking back to this jerks house ( he had a girlfriend this entire time) AND i took the car away for awhile.  This time I got his parents involved and let them know that he was dealing with a minor here.  They owned the house he was living in and didnt want any trouble with m e- so they ended it on their end too.  The last time this happened - I told her very clearly that I would take the car away permanently if he had to be a prt of her life.

Flash forward a year - this jerk is broken up with his girlfriend - and who does he go bothering again?  My daughter  of course.  She is now away at college - only an hour away from home and comes home weekends to work here.   ell   I know he;s going up this weekend to visit her over night.l  


When she comes home my dilemma is -  do i take the car away like I said i would = or let this roteen relationship hopefully die out?  He's really a lousry person............. 



njjazz njjazz
56-60, F
Nov 20, 2009