I Hate My Daughters Father

I hate my daughters father, We were once the best of friends I knew him since I was 13, in my early 20s i got out of a bad relationship, him and i got together he said he would take care of me never hurt me and never let anyone else hurt me ever. i beleived him, i knew i shouldnt and i did. we were toghether 4 months and i got pregnant, we stayed together and moved near my parents. everything was good, he had a good job and we had a house, when the baby was born he quit his job and begged me to move back to our home town, i told him i was scared of what was going to happen to us if we did, he promised everything would be ok. we moved when she was 4 mos old, he lied. he cheated on me hurt me standed me used me for my car and money when i finnaly got on my own feet, he was never there for his daughter but he would always come around when he needed something, she is 4 now and it still continues i cant get him out of my life or head sometimes i think her and i would be better off if he would just dissapear. my daughter has not seen him in 8 months and he calls all the time to cry to me abotu his. i wish i knew how to get away from him.

carlsvictum carlsvictum
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1 Response Feb 20, 2010

I feel the same way...we were once friends too...and I trusted my daughters fathers too...it hurts when you have been lied to and trampled on....but my daughters dad likes to play the Mr. Im a great dad when ever he can when its convienent for him. Stay strong and keep your head up. I hope things get better for you.