That ***hole!!!! That ****** How Could He Do This To Me?!!!!

I think its fair to say i hate my ******* ex!!! he's a mother ******* ****!!!!!!! i met him at school ,   i was new to the school and from the very first day i felt something specail for him i knew in my heart that was the guy...**** was i wrong?!!!!! i fi knew how he would have changed like this i would never have said yes  to that lair!!!   We were together for 2 years on and off . for our 2 year anniversary he diidnt even  bother to see me  he went and saw another girl instead!we broke up 3 times the third time was him he told me he didint love me anymore.. i was so torn up i had to go to doctors cos i got so deppressed. soon after we broke up he started  liking this other girl and hard as it was that i still loved him he made it harder by basically stalking that girl every where day after day infront of me(we were in the same group of freinds unfortunally) he treated her so well  i never got treated so well like that before by him ever. he use to call her and go to her house all the time and care for her... i never got any of that .... !!!!!  he tortured  me like this for nearly 4 montha. he use to play this game were he would get my hopes up by  telling me he made a mistake and still loved me but then crushed them by  running after this girl again and trying to get out with her! ovcourse i fell to rock bottom again.. time after time agian!! evantually he came running back to me and stuck i dunno what it was maybe it was  the shot to the nuts i gave him that worked. we went out agian!.... and he treated me like ****!! he never wanted to hold my hand or even tell me i was pretty nothing of the sort!! then to make things worse he broke my trust completly!!  by telling me sweet bautiful lies just to get me home so he could secretly go out somewhere with  that same girl he says he USE to fancy........ i was crushed he lied to me and broke my trust i couldnt never trust him again after that . stupid me i forgave him and gave him another chance .  i went away from my holiday and  at this piont me and him were great he was calling me beautfil eveyr night and telling me he loved me but he was out there flirting my best friend!! one agian broke my trust!! My freinds never saw him for who he really was cos he was 2 faced!! he would do this to me but act all nice and a good guy when he was with them .. (btw all his freinds were girls!!) i realized that the reason he only hung about with girls is cos he iether fancied one of them or ******* one of them about!  i never saw this coming at all he was such a caring sweet guy and it was the best 1st year of my lifei wanted to marry him until now.. now i want him dead!!!! Now  unfortually he still in our same group now a couple days before right once again he tells me he loves me alot still and isint ready for a realtionship so i decided ok ill wait .....  2 days later i find out hes dating another girl!!!!!!!!!!!!!  i was just like what the **** you told me you wernt ready and would date me as soon as he was!!! that lair!!! round about that time i found out he been ******* my friend about at that time too cos she had feelings for him and he played her giving her good signals then asking another girl out!!! This girl he asked out was about 3 years yonger than him!! he never liked the fact that i was older than him even by a few months!! So today i just watched in pain as he kept on trying to hold her hand and treat her better in one day than he treated me in the last 6 months!!!! he nevr held my hand or payed the slighest bit of attention to me!! he never leavs her side not once!!! im just sitting here  wishing i could get over him in one click but its so ******* hard!!!   he was my world and it kills me inside to see him make another girl his world when i use to be ........ . people tell me ill meet somone else but i dont know if i will  im very specific of what i want in a guy . i just cant belive i gave him everything i had evrything .. my heart  ....  my soul.. my virginity ... everthing!!! and now he took it all threw it away and im left with nothing. right now im still tryhing to get over him and mostly  sticking to my freinds hwne i need a shoulder to cry on . he is my first love  how do you get over somenone who was evrything........ 

KittySnowy KittySnowy
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1 Response Jul 27, 2010

awwwwwwwww snowy i promise u will find someone. just think about all the great friends u have. we are all here for u and for him to do that makes him such a ****** ****. u should move onto other people and forget about him because if he's doing that, then he isn't worth it tbh. and snowy u are a very beautiful girl with a great personality and i promise u will find someone else :)