Broken Dreams, Promises And Lies,

i ha d been with my ex for 3 yrs, we had talked abaot marrage,and even moving abroad to start a new life in cyprus.i  had nftound my soul mate or at least i thought i had. anyway abaot 4 months ago we went away on holiday to cyprus like we did every year. we had alovely time but i noticed he was being abit distant,not holding my hand as much and he took his mobile phone with him which he dosnt normally do and he was txting alot aswell,i found this annoying and asked who he was txting he said just his mates,by the end of the holiday he was being moody and espcailly at the airprt but i just thought he was tired,his dad picked us up from the airport and he didnt hardly speak to me on the way home,he then got his dad to take him home first as he said he was meeting a friend in the pub,.his dad took me home and the next day my boyfriend hiadnt rang me which was odd,so i rang him the next day and said i would see him sunday,then he txt me sunday and said he couldnt see me as he was working, i justed knew something wasnt right so i rang him sunday and his phone was off, i days rang his dad and his dad said he had gone out and that he wasnt at work. 3 days later id been trying to ring him and his phone was still off,id spoke to his dad and he hadnt been home for 3 days and his dad didnt know were he was, i was sick with worry he had never done this before,then i rememberd at the airport he bought some perfume said it was for his mum,j spoke to his mum and asked if she liked the perfume but she said she had not been given any perfume,,,,i knew straight away the perfume, the phone off him being away for 3 days could only mean one thing........he was cheating,i felt sick to my stomache he always said he was so against cheating,the next day id herad he was back at home and i went round to his house to get me stuff, he looked me in the eyes and said he wasnt cheating that he would tell me if there was someone else.he said he just  neverneeded some space and that he still wanted to see me but things wont be the same for awhile, he said the perfume was just for a friend, i stayed in touch with him for a month after txt him asking when we could meet for a drink but it never happend, .i then got told that he had been seeing a girl with a baby for afew months, i asked him if this was true he said no theres no one else people are lying, again i believed him. it wasnt til i joined facebook went on his profile that i saw my pic had been removed and replaced with a pic of him the girl and her baby playing happy familys,i txt him and told him id seen the pic but he was to spinless to reply,he was seeing her before the holiday and must of planned to dump me after the holiday, i am broken hearted, i loved this guy, it will take me a long time to get over him,
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ahahaha, I love karma. Serves him right :)

i heard today that him and hes new girlfriend have split up two weeks ago, karma came back to him. he found out that she has been cheating on him with the baby farther and that they were back to gether, he has started smokeing aswell, well now he knows how it feel to be chaeted on and lied too. so girls trust me it will happen to them. sooner rarther then later,

this is saomething i would like to find out if she knew aboat me or not, im guessing not as he changed his facebook profile fo single while he was seeing me too make it look like he wassingle.he blocked people i knew from his fb ect, he was on holiday with me and txting her the whole time, he even lied to his friends,

Your exboyfriend is a spineless cheating looser.<br />
Trust me, he will cheat a few more times (poor future girlfriends).<br />
I hope what goes around comes around, he deserves it.<br />
The best revenge is making the best out of your life!<br />
I am curious, did the other woman know about you?<br />
<br />
Have a good day!<br />
I hope you get over him soon.

oh dear!i undersnd exactly how you feeling,its painful indeed.wel, i have been goin thru the samething lately bt i guz im fine now,but i guz you beta bcoz yu knw what excatly goin on,while i have no clue.let me give yu some tips that will ofcourse work! 1st...its over becos yu confirmed he has a kid smwher so yu shld giv him his space,yu dont worth being cheated by a man wth a kid, yurselve that he will neva come back and accept it,so many thing yu can do that i think yu knw,dat can mke yu heal.Guys are stupid and Weak,lets not let their weakness affect our life! hope 2 hear hw yu progress,maybe we can help each other to fight this,cos we are worth it!