Manipulaitve Liar!

I met *Penn in my last year of college at the local church, and he seemed like the gentle giant, always on hand to offer advice, share funny life stories and hang out. We eventually started dating, and this is when I realised that things were not all right with him. Penn stutters, and constantly sobbed about the fact that his own father told him that he stutters because he is a liar. I was shocked beyond belief to hear that somebody's own father would say such a thing.

During me and Penn's courtship, people at the church started to stop talking to me, random people would approach with accusations of something mean I supposedly said about them, half the time, people I had only met briefly! My first clue came when this girl asked me why I was jealous of a certain cousin of mine. This cousin of mine is very pretty but a lot younger than me and I am very close to her so I thought this was very odd. I asked her why she would say such a thing, and she said "Oh, Penn told us all that you're jealous of her and he has to stay away from her."

I was furious. I confronted Penn who of course denied it, and we wondered why that girl would say that Penn had told her. We made a deal to approach her together to sort it out, hoping that maybe we could find out why people were starting to act strange around me. We never got round to asking her, but it stayed in the back of my mind and I couldnt help but keep asking Penn if he was being honest with me. Soon, everything else started pointing to Penn. Another girl confided in my sister that she didnt want to be around me because Penn had told her things about me. My sister told me and I just started crying because by this time, Penn and I were talking engagement. I confronted him and of course he made it out to be a big misunderstanding. I was so naive, and fell for it.

At this time, new families were moving into our town, so I started making more friends. Penn and I eventually broke up because I could not trust what he was saying anymore. I didn't hate him though, and we became good friends. I eventually started dating another guy that I had known during my courtship with Penn, and of course, started to hear stories of how I broke Penn's heart, to go out with this new guy. My new friends who I had once shared confidential stuff with, and who knew that Penn had a reputation for spreading untrue things about me, actually started becoming his friends. One of them came up to me and spat in my face - That was disgusting what you did to Penn," I was so shocked that they believed this guy, after everything they knew!!!

Penn lead them on, telling them all this so called horrible stuff I had put him through - our relationship was fantastic apart from the little lies that he was telling, but I didnt know at the time, so whatever he told them, he sounded pretty convincing.
He told my best friend that I had turned her siblings in to the minister for bringing up false teachings in the church, my friend actually fell for it and started hating me. In all this, I couldnt understand why they wouldnt go and ask the minister themselves, he would have confirmed I did no such thing!

Penn continues to penetrate those around me, and plays the innocent victim, while I am continually given a bad name. I have tried to stop these rumours myself, and to set things straight with people who have been told wrong, but who will they believe - me? or some crying, good-actor stuttering liar??? I have lost so many friends, but, how can they be friends if they believed him straight away without even asking me? Or giving me a chance?

I asked the minister if we could get everyone together so that Penn and I could both talk with them all listening, and they could all confrim what Penn told them, and I could prove at least some of his tales wrong. Only two people agreed to this, the rest told me to leave them alone! Penn didnt want it too!

It hurts, but all I can do is worry about me and my husband (yes, my marriage just fuelled the rumours even more) and not even let those lies affect my happiness. I hurt so much though, because I feel like there is no justice, but I just have to be patient!
I say - the best revenge is success!!!

I just cant wait for judgement day, we'll see whose telling stories then!

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just a suggestion.

wow i used to have a white tounge when i was young<br />
<br />
it still slips out sometimes too<br />
<br />
but man this guy is pretty hilarious.<br />
<br />
I am really sorry you have lost some emotionally there, he must have been a really nice guy. But people are shallow fools sometimes.<br />
<br />
really, i believe these people should be ignored like you are beginning to desire. However really, they deserve some fuel for the fire, they are really just idiots believing the word of a manipulative liar, so if you wanna keep them gobbling like chickens, you could give them reason to believe the rumors. Unless you desire to create peacefulness gives you the patience to deal with them nicely. I still would rather hear the after story of their gossiping forever and wasting so much of their life over you because of made up lies, whilst you happily move on to somebody who can actually respect you.