I Dislike Him

yea i dont really care for him why would i he lied and said alot of lies it makes me hurt he wasnt a nice person i dislike the feeling of being not good enough he made me feel like i was lucky to have him. what crap i hate fact i would say no and it wasnt good enough like i never said anything at all.I hate the fact he would put his hands upon me like he owned me.this is my boby you can sit where your at and think about how much i dislike you cuz im sure you prolly if not in time you will just wait for it.
Tawny26 Tawny26
26-30, F
6 Responses Apr 10, 2011

its not your fault but im over it long time ago

yes there would ;-)

Yeah, I think you were. There would be other adjectives out there to describe him, I bet.

he wasnt nice i think i was putting midly above lol.

Right On!

Right On!