Dear X

Thinking about how much I hate you is distracting. I hate you more than I can say.

We haven't contacted each other in 2 months.

Thoughts of you haunt me. How much you hurt me. How much I hate you. I would hurt you if I knew how. I would destroy myself just to hurt you. Because nothing will do justice except you majorly hurt. You're lucky I'm not violent. But in my fantasies, I spit in your face. In your face. I shoot your place. I heel your jaw. Let me go. 

I hate you more than I can say.

I hate who you are as a person. I hate who you've become.

I don't trust you, I never have.

I hate that all my suspicions about you were true. I hate that I gave you benefit of the doubt. I hate that you proved me right. I hate that you made a joke of me. I hate that you think you deserve to be happy. You deserve nothing. I hate that you and your lot think you deserve anything other than misery. I hate that none of you think you owe me a real, true apology. All I gave you. What was it for? I suspected you didn't love me. I was right.

LDPT, I hate you more than I can say. How much you hurt me haunts me. Let me go.
Threetimesthree Threetimesthree
31-35, F
2 Responses Apr 25, 2011

This sounds so familiar we were together 24 years but he needed space so got a flat, he said he loved me, we booked a holiday to go away but all the time he was cheating on me and lying to me and our children, i caught them together and he chucked me out in front of her, he then closed down the bank accounts and stopped all financial support, you would think that this would be sufficient hurt but oh no he then proceeds to take her on the holiday we had booked to go on together this hurt me more than words can ever say, she knew all about me but still persisting in her actions, and then i have recently found out she lives on the same estate as me and our children, so yes i hate him and i hate her i wish they were dead and i wish at times i was dead he has made such a fool of me and yet he shows no remorse, he hasn't even contacted his daughter as apparently he doesn't know what to say, he is a low life scumbag who deserves to rot in hell

i hate also my ex, because he still could able to affects my senses whenever he's around.