I Still Love Him Though He Got Another Girl Pregnant

i still love this ex-boyfriend though he got another girl pregnant..though they're not married makes me think that i'm a mistress..we both chat everytime we have spare time though..he's been an ex since i was 20..i'm already 25 now..he told me they're not technically a family,and they're not living together because he's in Hawaii and she's in the Philippines..he's just sending monthly allowance for the kid..if you're in my position would you go through such kind of relationship??i still love him..and he says he feels the same way too..i believe im not a mistress because they're not married..help!
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trust me,,,, ALL OF YOU WOMEN DESERVES way better than that,,, never be tempted bythose kind of approaches.,.,.,,. after making love.,. sticking his weiner .,. LIFE FORMED,, an innoccent woman is in pain bearing that child inside her,,, she gave up everything just 4 this guy,, ,,, while this guy is just like,, he never really cared,,, come oN! he should be out there taking care of her and look what he is doing! this man knows not of LOVE ,,but he only cares for himself ,, he came to u,, telling u that he still loves u,, would promise you anything so he the fresh gets u in return,, ,,IF he is a real man,,,, he should be ashamed of himself,,,!!! he should be out there taking care of that sum1 when she needed him,, he should love his/daughter/son that baby!,, he should have the passion,, the urge! to be the everything that the child and that woman will ever need ,, but look what he is ryt now, if u R a man,,,, IS that how u will treat the woman u just made love with??? the woman who gave everything up in you??? when she gets fat ,, and lump as a mother ,, you'll jump for sumthng fresh???, neglecting the greatest gift from god,,, IF YOU REALY CARE FOR HIM , AS a friend,, TELL him TO LOVE His woman,,, ANd create a HAppy family,, PLEASe,, everyone can boast that they are christians,,, BUt in reality,, only few have the concern to follow his ways,, you dont go ,,, shout and tell anyone that christ is in you,,,<br />
You SHOW THEM! that he LIVES in you ^_^,, believe me ,,, if you have a lot of plans and romantic dreams with this man,, then hear me now ,,, GOD will never disappoint you,,, he will give you what you truly deserve,,,, and i promise to you,,,,, mark my words,,,, GOD is never a mis match maker ,, and never a BORING fairytale writer,,, he knows ur appetite and he already created a more than just perfect match for u,,,, so please ,, concntrate on yourself ,,surely u will be sure that when that guy comes,, you are ready to be his everything,, GODBLESS ^_^ r u a filipino??? i am too ^_^

yes i am a filipino..i do love what you commented..made me think more deeply..thank you so much..!

know what??? screw that guy,,, never trust a man like that,, tell me ,, if you were the one who just got preggy and he was hooking up for sum1 else while you are in pain ,., bearing that child inside you,,, doesnt that show how ignorant this guy is??? he only told you that he loves you because.,.,.,.,.,. i dont know??? after impregnating sum1 ,, he is now searching for sum1 to sweet talk with,, to flirt with,, to mingle with,,, come on,,,! i dont personally,, knw this guy,, maybe he is a nice ,guy,, shytype?? awkward?? i dont really care how good as a person he is for u ryt now,,,, how nice he is or what.,.,.,,.. A real man, who really knws how to love, never forsakes his own woman ,, specially after giving her a souvenir of a life time,,,,<br />
im just saying,.,., that Woman deserves better than that,,,, you??? he is just using you as a Release,.,and believe me,, you do deserve Bloody hell way better than just beeing his FRIENDS with BENEFITS,, you women deserves a great FAIRY TALE ,, each of ur own,, u shouldnt be played with,,,, , im just saying ^_^

There has to be a better, less complicated situation out there for you...there has to be. I've also just never trusted men who can't let relationships end. i always noticed that they typically just string you along so you can't move on and you're always obsessed with the idea that they come back. How can you trust that he's not getting another girl pregnant right now anyway? Watch out for yourself, you only have one heart and once its broken by someone who is not taking care of it, it makes it very hard to trust someone else ever again.

i was already ok..then he came to break the silence..i believe i'll never get over someone if they keep on coming back..why do they have to come back and tell us the sweetest words they can ever think of,if they're going to leave us anyway??i'm really bothered,now i'm sticking to the idea that he loves me that's why it's difficult for me to get along with other guys..because in my mind i don't need another guy..i only want him,and him alone..thanks lovebird83..i believe having someone to talk is a big help to get over relationship problems..