I really hate my ex. I thought he was a good person but I ended up being very wrong. He is a liar, cheater, a drug addict, and his most annoying habit was that he could eat a months worth of food in a day. It was so disgusting. I have never minded sharing food but I do have a problem with you eating your dinner aswell as mine. I'm so so so happy that I ended the relationship. I was slow to catch on to the drug use. He was very good at hiding it and never did anything around me. I really hope he gets the help he needs. But I hate the way he treated me and who became in the end.
girlwithaevilface2033 girlwithaevilface2033
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1 Response May 4, 2012

Hey girl Im going throughout the same thing although his in rehab right now Ima be honest and say I don't think he will pull it off. He claimed to say I was his only love and to be honest it did appear like it but I recently got a hold of his Facebook account and OMG. lol Total failure all his msg were asking people for drugs and for rides not to mention the girls he tried to get at. I drop him too, his in rehab tho I wouldn't want to set him back but he most know that is over and NEVER EVER WILL I GET WITH HIM. I think you and I are lucky to have found the truth. This is a valuable lesson for you and I. Don't feel bad anymore or sad I fell relieve and FREE.