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I was 14 years old when I got into a relationship that completely changed me. He was 17, we went to the same school and I had a crush on him. One of my former friends introduced us to each other, and I was instantly in love. Everything went so perfect, that he asked me to be his girlfriend within 2 days of meeting each other. I know we were young, but I took the relationship very seriously. He was sweet, caring, didn't drink, smoke or do any drugs, my family loved him and his family really liked me, and we were always together. The only thing that bothered me was that he would constantly talk about his ex, but I ignored this behavior because I was infatuated with him.

Everything changed 2 months into our relationship. Our first argument was over a conversation he had with one of his friends. My ex gave me his password to his MySpace account so I could upload some pictures we took, and when I logged in a chat window popped up. He was telling his friend we had sex at my house that day, which was obviously a lie. I quickly logged off and called him to confront him about it. I cried so much that night, and I couldn't even get myself to go to school the next day. I should of stayed away from him after that incident, but he apologized and promised me he wouldn't hurt me again. He even apologized to my family, since they found out. Little did I know things would become much worse.

Our next few months together were great at first, but I spent ALL my free time with him, causing me to drift apart from my friends. They already hated him after they found out about the MySpace incident and told me to end things with him, but I ignored their advice and stayed with him. His friends were horrible to me from the start. They all disliked me for no reason, and it got to a point where they would make insults about my weight and appearance. It went too far one night when my ex broke up with me while staying at his friend's house, claiming that he didn't want a relationship at the moment. I later found out the real reason he dumped me was because his friends were encouraging him to meet up with other girls, and he went along with it. The next day he called me apologizing, saying he was supposed to meet up with a random girl that day but he couldn't go through with it because he truly cared about our relationship and that he wanted to talk to me in person. I was furious, so I ignored him and hung out with one of my guy friends instead. When he found out he was hysterical, calling me and leaving me voice-mails to tell me how I was a *****, a *****, and a **** for hanging out with my friend. He came over the next day, and made me feel very guilty even though I did nothing wrong. He manipulated me into getting back together with him by telling me that nobody else would want me, and that he was willing to fix things because he was the only guy that "loved me" and any other guy would just use me.

This went on for the rest of the year I spent with him. He would flirt with girls on Facebook, and of course I would always find out. It was ridiculous.  He would always promise me he wasn't doing anything wrong and that he would stop talking to all those girls but he never went through with it.
The worst part happened 7 months into our relationship. This horrible person manipulated me into having sex with him. He told me he wanted a future with me, that he wanted me to move in with him as soon as I finished high school (I was a 15 year old Freshman at the time, he was 18 and a Junior). I  believed everything he told me and went along with it. The same day, after everything happened, I found out he was talking to his ex and had made plans to see her the week before. He once again apologized and talked me into staying with him.

I still don't know why I stayed with this guy. He would constantly insult me and put me down. He would tell me I was stupid, fat and a ****, and that no other guy would ever want to be with me. He lied to his friends about me again, so I broke up with him. About a week later, I found out he got himself a new girlfriend. I was very heartbroken, and I had to see him at school every day while he ignored me. He broke up with her after about 2 weeks and asked me to take him back. I refused, and not even 24 hours after I rejected him, he got back together with the other girl. It was obvious he didn't care about her at all and he got rid of her very fast. He called me a few days before our anniversary, and after a long conversation and many tears I agreed to talk to him in person. He seemed to regret everything he did and he again convinced me to take him back. We only lasted about 1 month together before I broke up with him for good. He continued to call me and check up on me but I ignored his advances. He confessed to me that he almost had legal trouble with another girl who threatened to accuse him of statutory rape after they spent a day at his house. After all of this, the bastard expected me to take him back.

It's been about 5 months since we broke up. I recently changed schools and have no contact with him, but I still hate him so much. I don't know how someone can be so cruel. He saw me as an easy target since I'm younger than him. He took advantage me. He lowered my self esteem by constantly insulting me and making me feel worthless, in order to make me think that I needed him. I want to forget about him but I despise him. I really don't know what to do anymore. 
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With the whole putting you down, flirting with other girls, and pretty much constant argueing I understand you completely. I had a ex similar to him that I thought loved me, would never use me, and would stay by my side no matter what. I'm so happy to hear that you have finally given up on him. Remember that guys like that wont change. It's weird how once things are over between two people you realize how aweful things were with them, but at the time we dont want to listen to what other people advise for us. Im happy for you :D