I Hate Him!

Im 13 and I was in a relationship with someone I loved who loved me and told me everything and never cheated on anything like that till one of his ex texted him and asked me out. Well I was heart broken for about a week maybe more because he cheated he was dating me and her then broke up with me for her. I dated him after she broke up with him. But it didn't work out I guess now he fliers with one of my bestfriends or use to be. About 3 days later he was talking to another one of my friends. It broke my heart to see him flirt but I just had to get over it. now he acts like he doesn't know me and I hate him because of my friends and he is a player for sure. Hate him never will talk to him again he is an *******!!
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She wasn't a good friend! I even told that to her face... She is a ***** that only guys like she has no friends anymore because she talks about all her use to be friends! Me and her almost got into a fight because she kept talking crap about me.

How could your friends do that to you? If a friend does that to another friend I'm sorry, but that's not being a true friend.