The Horrible Exes!

Of all the boyfriends i had, 2 of them really sucks...and i hate them to the bone. both of them took advantage of me...and abused me.
I would not explain the horrible details but in general, the one ex, made me his punching bag to fill his ego up. he psychologically tortured me, abused me verbally, said ****** things and destroyed my self-esteem. he even spent my hard earned savings. the other ex, cheated on me and now he came back twisting my head again only to find out that he just used me for "network" sake. i hate them for breaking me. i hate them so much. i so wish that i never met them in my all the love and energy i had given should have been poured out to the one who really deserves it. I HATE THEM.
Tinkershell Tinkershell
31-35, F
2 Responses May 20, 2012

I truly hope karma kicks their respective a**es