Be Yourself.

I cannot understand men. Why do they always assume that we, women, are always up to something. Is it our fault that we have guy friends? Is it our fault that a guy acts too friendly towards us? Why are they so jealous? I just don't understand. I thought I was just being myself and enjoying my life. I don't feel like having another boyfriend. There is just too much pressure and stress and it is not worth it. After breaking up with my boyfriend, I felt like a whole lot of weight has been lifted off of me. I felt freed! At first, I was depressed, as if I had done something wrong, or it was all my fault. But I thought about it really hard and realized, I done nothing wrong at all. If anything, I felt I've done the right thing for myself and let it all go. I am glad and relieved that I can do what "I" want! I have to remind myself that this is my life and not his. Always!
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I have to play the devils advocate here. Men are tricky and so are boys, most guys will be able to get a girl they want no matter if she has a bf or not. It's part of the excitement and most older guys know how to manipulate girls and know what they like and find attractive. Some guys exploit this and then, Bam, you cheated on your bf. The bf knows this too but does not have the skills yet to do this so he hates other guys around his girl that do have these skills but the trick is to label or make the girl detached from her bf by her think of him as immature and childish. It's a good technique and never fails. Or so I hear.

The trick is fall for a man, not a bad boy. If the next guy you meet does not have his S**t together, right when u meet him.-- Don't settle! take his number and give him a year or two to grow up!! before u call. lol.

Not all men are like that you know. Only the insecure men wouldn't trust their loved one to hang out with other men.

You need to find a confident guy. btw, we get better with age. ;-)

I absolutely agree. I seem to get caught up with the wrong ones. I know not all men are like that.


I guess the trick is to weed out the insecure boys.

Lol....I wish It was a trick that I can learn.

I wish I knew myself. You could make millions writing a book about it, but women would still fall for the insecure ones.

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Kudos to YOU !
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****! lol

Thanks! :) lmao!

well it must have not truly been love cause if it was this guy friend would have not been worth risking a relationship over. a friendship of the opposite sex always complicates things and when its a guy friend they usually snake around till you are weak then bite and give you the old speech of we are so close and this is just right. even when thats not the case when it makes somone you love uneasy it may have happened to him before to lose a girl over this but as i was saying when its true love you are willing to give up anything. there is a line of if he doesnt want you to have any life and is really over jealous and that can be problematic but one day youll find the right person and he will give you that special feeling that no friend can. to me life is about getting older and having a family and to me thats the special thing you get out of it.