He Was A Mess

First of all, I would like to say that I have nothing against the mentally ill. Maybe I just don't understand them. My parents believe that mental illness is simply an excuse people use. They're just old fashioned though. I really don't know what to think of it. All I knew when I broke up with my mentally ill boyfriend was- I couldn't take it anymore.

We dated since I was 15 years old. He was 19, and oh so full of problems. On the surface he seemed normal for the first couple of months. He told me he had OCD, Bipolar disorder, Anxiety, and depression. I didn't think much of it because he didn't act weird or anything.

That is, until my next year of high school. He started calling me and he would scream and cry about how his parents and brothers hate him. He would beg me not to leave him. At first these calls were few and far between. However, as the months went by, they became much more frequent.

He became very abusive, but I won't get into that. I have in another story.

After I graduated high school I broke it off that summer. He flipped a sh*t. He told me it was four years of his life down the drain. He told me he tried so hard for me. He told me I was a cold heartless b****. I tried to tell him he didn't try hard in our relationship. He made me feel like complete garbage.

But you can't reason with him. It's like trying to reason with a wall. He thinks what he wants to think. He would put words in my mouth. He would accuse me of things I never did. He even had the nerve to ask for 'all the money he spent on me back." Yeah ok, here's a 20. Now give me my $500 or so I spent on you.

At first he would call me and apologize for his actions, but the next minute he'd blame everything on me. Saying, "You didn't have to break up with me...people don't break up they work on each other....you took everything away from me by force...you're a selfish disgusting human being." He acts like I committed this horrible act but in reality, people break up. I couldn't deal with it anymore.

He kept telling me I was in the wrong. But I honestly don't see how any of it is my fault. Was I wrong?
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im glad you finally find way to break up with your bf,why because that kind of attitude will put your life in misery and then will pull you down for sure...

You are not wrong! Never blame yourself when dealing with someone who's bi-polar. My ex-boyfriend is & it was more like having a girlfriend, than having a boyfriend. Lot's of whining - lot's of poor me. We dated for a year but 6 months out of that year I was trying to get rid of him. I never had an ex-that cried crocodile tears so much. I get that it's a mental issue but in my case I think the bi-polar was an excuse for narcissism. If they can keep it together for their bosses & other people but then go into a childish tantrum in front of you - that's manipulation. So congratulations on walking away & take care of yourself. You deserve a great guy!

Thank you so much:)