He's Lost His Mind! (and Dignity, Respect, Sanity....etc Etc.....)

...well not necessarily hate, more pity than anything else! he's 39 (so he should be mature), i'm 27. after 2.5 years,we split up because a week before we were going to move in together - he tells me he's not moving out because his rent's cheaper! (i btw was homeless and didn't get an offer from him to stay at his place-i eventually did stay at his for a week as i had no choice)...that was the main thing, but there were lots of little things....like generally acting like an idiot.

so i end it with him, and he acts like he's the victim.....that was 2months ago...so imagine my surprise when i received a package with my things on the doorstep with the following note attached:

'*firstname* 'i use mem for money' *lastname*'

'your bad leg is not my concern' street

'can you pay more rent coz you are a man' close

'i will never visit you unless you pick me up from work' towers



(see how he spent the time to write it like an address? ps. i never said half those things, and even if i did, he totally took it out of context, oh and pps, he threatened to kill me if i ever touched his car - i kicked it in front of his face.)

and on the reverse was:

'you money grabbing cow, what goes around comes around, i wish you nothing but failure in both business-life. YOU ARE THE ******* DEVIL! xx'

nice. needless to say i burst out laughing! i took it to work, showed it to everyone and posted it on facebook. all my friends think he's lost his mind and is totally pathetic - esp for a 39 year old! so then i felt the need to 'thank' him for the package:

' just got the pole. thanks. glad to see you're handling it like a REAL man........bitter and twisted was never an attractive quality, but hey at least im not old and washed up. hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahhhahahahahahahahahahahahahha'

his reply was:

'no problem.You are bitter and twisted coz you sold me a lie, only you know why. no you are young[ish] and washed up, trying to live a lawyers lifestyle on hairdressers money. lets call that visualization. ive dug out some more of  your stuff and  will drop it down and leave it outside. All them hahahas, that means you are immature that does. Take it easy.

my reply:

' actually don't know what you're talking about.  you're just sad and pathetic. get over it. don't bother dropping the other stuff off, i don't want any of it, i don't want anything to do with you for as long as i live. p.s. it took you THAT long to come up with a comeback like that. *round of applause* and p.p.s, BUSINESS is spelt like that, not BUISNESS. spelling lesson over.'

his reply:

' dont actually want anything to do with you, i was only gonna leave your **** outside![delusion no.1]. do you really think i was spending time trying to come up with a comeback![delusion no.2]. what is it you earn, 200,250 a week, you are coming up to28 now let me tell you that is what is sad and pathetic, i think we both know the only way you will get anywhere is with a handout from mummy and daddy. For the last 13 weeks ive earned no less than £1500 a week and im finding doing weekly accounts really helps me keep track of all this money.Thanx for the advice. your nickname should have been peanut coz thats what you earn! hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha [in a sinister mike myers kind of way] YOU CHAV!!!
spell check that lot baby........................'


WHAT A ****.

i've blocked him, but feel free to send him abusive emails, his add is jayclark_1@yahoo.com and his name is jason. enjoy!!!


selster01 selster01
Jun 9, 2008