I Wish You Never Existed In My Life

I've spent so many years pining for you and I know I've made a lot of mistakes, some that truly hurt you, but you have broken my heart over and over. I knew that you had met someone, but hoped it wasn't true. I wish you had told me before I spent all of my money on you when you came to visit. It was incredibly selfish of you to hold back that information as the visit was closure for you without letting me have mine.

When you left, you probably felt good and through. I on the other hand was swept up in a frenzy of self-doubt. You should have told me before. I hate you because you are a selfish coward. I hate you because letting go of me seems to have been easy. I hate you because you have met someone and can find comfort in her arms while I sit here alone and afraid with no one to turn to. I hate you because you are popular, charming, and way too confident. I hate you because I love you.
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what an a-hole. I don't understand how they clearly know that they are complete snakes yet they have no care how it affects others. If he actually hated you then he should've simply left you alone. If he actually liked you then he should've had the audacity to say something. Mine did something similar. He got his closure and left me with nothing, for no reason. He said I talked down to him when I said I didn't have any money one night. wow.

I would love to lostgirl, but unfortunately I live in Toronto.

I feel for you. I know I am heading down the same path. I live in Ottawa downtown if u want to go for a coffee.

yes i have experienced the same...but have to move on