I Wasted A Year On You! What I Hate About You!

I hate that I wasted so much of time on you, I hate that I let you be a big part of my life, I hate that I gave so much in return for so little, I hate that you never told me you loved me, but you acted like you did, I hate the person I became while I was with you, I hate your house, I hate your city, I hate your truck, I hate your phone and the lock code you put on it, I hate that you never changed your Facebook relationship status, I hate that you never stoped texting with your ex's and girl-friends. I hate all the places you took me, I hate you never liked to take pictures with me, I hate the guy I met who would do anything to make me happy but I hate the stubborn *** who broke up with me, 11 days after buying us very expensive concert tickets and 3 weeks after I threw you a birthday party!
AngryinRGC AngryinRGC
7 Responses Sep 8, 2012

The pain will fade away eventually, I promise. I know it hurts a lot.

it hurts, i feel yah, but u have final closure, it takes Super inner stregnth 2 finally break through, i wash i had it.

Thank you, for your kind words, I'm sorry you all got hurt too! I know better things are in store for all of us! There is a bigger plan.

Thank you, for your kind words, I'm sorry you all got hurt too! I know better things are in store for all of us! There is a bigger plan.

was this a recent break up when you wrote this? i feel your pain sister. especially when you loved the person you speak of and they just consistently hurt you. if it makes you feel any better im in the same boat to keep on truckin the right dude will come for you

I understand your hate and hurt. Be happy you are not in my boat and wasted 9 years. We were together 3 years broke it off for 2 (still spoke as friends) and on again for 4 years only for him to turn around and get someone pregnant who he knew for four years and cheating with this last year behind my back. I wish I never went back the second round and wasted my life on him. I understand I also hate the places we went together, the things we did, every freaking things reminds me of him. I cringe when I see baby commercials or even baby stuff at stores cuz its a dam reminder that i wasted my time with him only for him to do this to me. All I can say is we deserve better, someone who will never make us hate anything

you liked him though. that is the same kind of jealousy evil had when he understood god loved human more than angels. I feel you. I admit I spoil a 'girl' friend so much with my money just to make her feel good. I don't get ' ' in return. I learned to be happy with the situation because I've seen many people are far worse than me. the type of feeling you've is very unhealthy, that it all I've to say. be happy with what you've.