My Ex-best Friend Called Me Ugly

I've known my ex-best friend for over a year we used to be good friends because we met on our first day of school last year in 2011 on 9/8/2011. My ex-best friend was a fan of Michael Jackson like me but on May 7th of this year my ex-best friend told that I was ugly and that I'm going too far in our relationship and now whenever he sees me he avoides me. I have nobody, but I am blessed with the life I have but I don't care what people say about me because in my heart I know I am very loved by other people.
Aec1127 Aec1127
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1 Response Sep 8, 2012

Forget him and try to hang on till you make new friends. Once someone pulls a stunt like that, they change the reality of your relationship permanently. To do anything but forget about him would be to non-verbally tell him that it's ok for him to be mean to you when he feels like it. Sure, he's immature, but this is real life and he needs to grow up. Social grace is as necessary in life as brushing one's teeth is.

In the mean time, find something constructive to engage in that makes you feel productive or proud of yourself. Join clubs, help people, be a respectable human being. Good luck!