I Spent Over Eight Hundred Dollars On Your Cheap *** And Ill Never Get It Back

This is the story of my relationship with this guyabout a year ago I have a job he didnt he was a year younger than me and i spoiled him I made him lunchs dinners breakfast for school and spent so much money on him deling with his how much he hated his dad this guy took my virginity and then he decided after nine months of dating him he doesnt want to have sex with me because its a sin (he is mormon apparently never stopped him before ) broke my heart three times them calls me a golddigger when he didnt spent next to nothing on me and after a few months of being single I got into a new relationship with a man who treats me and isnt afraid to buy me something without me asking and my ex call me a **** telling everyone that but everyone knew the who my ex really is and totally side with me he isnt cheap with just me he is now being cheap with is (friends) his friends told me that he owes them two hundred dollars . Ladies word of advice if he not working and you are dont buy him anything unless he gets a job or say goodbye to your money
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Soundz like a real DIRTBAG