Lesson Learned 1 Up For Me

My ex. He's stupid. He called me a "terrible girlfriend" because all i wanted to do was bust nuts lol. Phone sex was the only thing he was good at. He failed 12th grade twice and he couldnt do work without help. I was trying to be a good girlfriend but i just wasn't into it. Being verbally abused by someone who cant even spell abused was enough. He couldnt get a job and tried to call me lazy because my parents dont want me to work. Im 16 and i get allowance every week and i have my own mercedes c300 :) so what I'm a spoiled brat. I do make my own money babysitting since thats the only thing i can do. its not my fault. Anyways. I broke up with him , waste of my time. Flirting with other girls in front of me, everything a dog can possibly do, i didnt want to have you know with him. I don't want to give myself to someone who isnt even close to worth it. Once we broke up i was happy, so one night out of the blue while i was painting my toes he called me , i answer, he' was like how are you, how have you been I miss you. I'm like I've been amazing, I didnt tell him I misses him back because I didn't. Just alittle bit because he was so FUNNY. He was telling me how he needs me and he can't do it without me and all this stuff then he asked me out again. I didnt want to say yes but silly me I gave him a second chance, everything was going good. But he goes through this weird thing bipolor bull. Verbally abusing me saying oh your so f'n stupid and all this stuff, I hung up and never spoke to him. I forgot all about him. All last week he kept emailing me " Heaven I ant talked to you in a long time I just wanted to let you know I miss you. An ill talk to yo.u one day in the future an I'm sorry an do love you." This is exactly what he said. I just brushed it off. He texted me saying goodnight, your the last person i want to talk to. Bull! Then he called. Him and his cousin the same person who robbed him was talking so much s.h.i.t . I told him I'm engaged to male him mad. And he got MAD. He called me stupid and all this stuff. Him and his cousim the same one who robbed him. I'm the stupid one? I speak 3 languages and only make A' & B's. Actually going to college. im the stupid one. Lol . So I cursed him out . Hurt his feelings and all that macho pride he had, then textes me people never change. he sure is right . he definitely didnt change. Then he says I still love you. smh. I'm not going to encourage him anymore. He can ruin his life getting high doing all types of drugs and getting locked up but I got a good thing going for me and I found someone who is WAY better than him in every way. But he'll be back, and when he comes back I wont be there for him to taunt and annoy. I have better things in my life. I don't regret dating him only a lesson learned. & he will realize he had a good thing when hea older. karma is the best revenge. if you ever read this NICHOLAS which I doubt because you cant read paragraphs, WE ARE NEVER EVER GETTING BACK TOGETHER..
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Nov 15, 2012