I Hate My Boyfriend

He is controlling, nagging, insecure, and sooooo Fing annoying. He is a liar and cheater has a crazy family and a crazy baby's mom that he is terrified of. She contols him and is constantly in our life. He accuses me of things, when really he is the one that cheated twice and I caught he talking about sexual things with some girl at work when he accidently called me. I am so miserable with him. I cant even have a conversation with him without fighting. And when I try to walk away from him so I can calm down he follows me and is constantly nagging in my ear. Actually he is sitting beside me right now when I am writinh this makeing his stupis *** comments. If he doesnt get away Im goumg to punch him. I cant leave becayse somehow the naggung control freak talked me into buying a house with him now Im screwed. I thought maybe he would change because buying a house would making us "CLOSER". He was always saying you had this with that bf and that with this BF I thought if I had things ith him to it would change his jeoulsy. Boy was i soo wrong and everyone else was right. he hate when I spend time with my family bevause he wants to make 'OUR OWN TADITIONS". If thats not controlling and its me then please someone tell me. Now he is sitting beside me trying to write his comments him is is fing CRAZY. I HATE HIM
neb87 neb87
22-25, F
Dec 9, 2012