He Hit Me.

At the age of 13 I had the maturity of a 30 year old, or so everyone said. It wasn't suprising that all the lads I went for were older. Which meant I wasn't a virgin.

I met a boy, Ben, through another ex. I was emo at the time and so was he. We had alot in common. **** lives, same taste in music, both self-harmers. He was really nice. He told me straight away he was 19 and I told him I was 13. Admittingly, I did think about lying and saying I was 16 but I would only get found out, he was friends with my ex.
Now at this time, I was still obsessed with my ex Warwick. The one who introduced me to Ben. But after a few weeks, I liked Ben and he was my boyfriend.

anyway..ben went to the army. His selfharming was obviously a problem so he was booted out. His family were disappointed so kicked him out too. My mum (who was single) liked Ben so he stayed with us. He made no effort to get a job or get benefits so my mum payed for everything.

He was very messy and never really washed. And he started to hang around with the local alcoholics in my town. He was drunk almost everyday. We both got into drugs. (not heavy drugs, just coke, weed stuff like that).


About 6 months into our relationship he hit me. He strangled me, then raped me. Afterwards he just acted normal. I was very scared so done everything he asked. I stayed with him


a few months later, me and my mum found out he'd been stealing off her. While he was out getting drunk, I told her everything. It all came out, and when Ben came home mum took a knife to him. One minute he was crying then the next he was hitting us and trapping us in the room. He made us give him our phones so we couldn't call for help.

He served 6 months in prison
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Dec 9, 2012