Crazy M0therfuck3r!!!

I fvcking hate the manwh0re I wasted more than 4 years of my life on. I wish I had a time machine so I could take back all the years of my life he stole. I am so glad I DUMPED HIS A$$!!!! Now that we're done its all so clear to me! The little slvt only used me to make everyone think he was straight. He lied to me, he manipulated me. HE HIT ME. He kept me from talking to my friends. I am finally starting to understand why all of my friends and family hated him....I can't believe I dated HIM. >.<

I would love to chop his testicle$ off with a rusted butter knife so he can never use that STI infested cr0tch to penetrate a man while pretending to love another woman!
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You will get through this. And the universe will not let him get away with it.

You should of got a baseball bat and beat his gay *** with it

I wish. :(

He hit you? :( he oppressed you? :( From what I have learned you should just turn your back on the scum Chica.

I know. I am just so angry at myself for letting this happen to me.

Men these days. I swear to god they're good for nothing.


Wow! I am so sorry my friend. I will write to you soon.


Four years?! That bast@rd!

&amp; an engagement,

?! What made you finally realize?

I didn't. I dumped him because I found him a bit boring and then the truth came out.

I'm sorry you had to go though so much before you finally broke free. While you can't change the past, your now able to write the future you'd like for yourself. I hope you'll let the anger fade and use what you've been through as a learning experience. Thanks for sharing.

I know it's hard saying this but you should move on. You're gonna suffer in the beginning and this is so normal cuz you have been with him since 4 years and its gonnabe hard to just forget everything. Be strong and you'll hopefully find the guy that deserves you. and always remember that we all make mistakes and wrong decisions so we would learn from them. Good luck:)

I'm so very sorry for your pain. He's gone and you don't have to deal with him anymore. It will not be easy because you gave him 4 years of your heart but you will get through this pain. Take care dear person.

he just dug his own grave by making it known !

I don't understand why he'd want to appear straight. But, that's neither here nor there. I hope you can get over your anger and pain soon and use this as a learning experience. The next time you do decide to enter into a relationship, you'll likely be looking for various warning signs. But, it will be worth it for both you and your next bf.

If I were you, I'd choose to look at it this way: All he did was release you to go out and find a real man who will treat you with the love and the respect that you deserve.

the people in my school were very judgmental. when he came out, he pretty much became an outcast in the school. I was his only friend.

That's too bad. Either way, some other lucky guy will have the honor of calling you his gf. Once you get over this, you'll have the chance to move on to someone who is more deserving of you.

Sorry to hear. I swear I know a guy who is Luke that. He treats his girl Like crap and I swear its because he isn't who he wants to be (gay) so its all bottled up inside and he takes the anger out on her. ******* idiots!

I understand how infuriating it is when someone deceives you and literally steals years of your life. I can only say that MILLIONS of others have gone through this, too. Okay, that doesn't make you feel better ... but ... it isn't a bad idea to let go and get on with your life. It's almost like part of growing up, a life experience that makes you wiser.

Anyway, good luck to you!

So, I'm gathering, that you aren't a fan of this guy? Want me to beat him up for ya? I'd be happy to! xD

yes please.

I would. Seriously. I surely hope you kicked him in the balls. Hard...

It would take less effort to just use you shin and put every fiber of your being behind it. The testicles and sac will pretty much just explode.

sounds absolutely delightful.

Yeesh...It hurt just reading that...Sounds like a plan, though!