Sometimes I Do.....

....and sometimes I don't. I thought we had a great thing at one time. The relationship I had always wanted, but things began to get sticky quite early on. He had a wife. (They were separated.) She didn't like me, and didn't want their kids around me. It was constant problems. We were living with his aunt and cousins, and moved around quite frequently. (Like 3-4 times in a matter of like 3 months.) I guess one day he got tired of it, and never came back from visitation. I was extremely upset for a while because I really liked this guy. (But I ended up with a better one in the long run.) I mean, he didn't even have the nerve to call me himself, and tell me he wanted her back.  Actually, he NEVER called. I caught him on-line one night and MADE him talk to me. In which he then told me he was separated again, this time for sure. Then proceeded to tell me he still cared about me, etc, knowing I was now with someone, and was engaged to them. That he wished he could go back in time, and change everything. That he wanted to make things work, but knows he lost me forever. I hate how he constantly plays head games with me now when I see him. Saying he loves me, or misses me, because I am in a relationship, and I am very happy. Why does this always have to happen to me? Although he is good for one thing. He will listen to anything I have to say,a nd give me advice as needed. But I still hate him most of the time. Grrr.............
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2 Responses May 22, 2007

I agree with Alwaysremembers, those darn games guy play with us as if their words will make us change the past, as if. But sadly, sometimes it does. Good thing you saw his game and didn't fall for it. Wish you luck with the new guy :)!

I'm glad u found someone new, who will appreciate what he has with you instead of playing the game your ex does, i love you, i don't love you, OH wait someone else loves you, NOW I must have you. CONGRATS on your engagement!!