How To Lose Trust

I met my ex on a night out I have been on few previous dates but nothing came of it but he was different nicer had more respect I just knew there was more to this so I decided go on a date with him had the best time together felt like I knew him forever so we carried on going on dates he bought me flowers made me cakes took me zoo meals drinks he told me I was beautiful how lucky he was to have met someone like me. I held back as my previous relationship I was messed about so my trust was a little down but he quickly returned my trust after a while he asked me be his girlfriend so I accepted he was perfect in my eyes he told me he loved me he wanted spend rest his life with me. Doesn't look at anyone else like he does with me all this and more along them lines he was like that through out all are relationship was to good to be true to be honest I was te happiest I have been and I was inlove with him he was my first person I had loved he made flutter in side he made me smile without a fail I never could be angry at him whatever he did wrong he was everything I could want in a guy the only problem was he lived half hour away and he drove I didn't so he came to me practically all the time even though I offered to get bus to his all the time offered him money for petrol never made him pay for everything himself but he always refused but I insisted and so then one day out of the blue he turned around started being completely off wouldn't say love you stopped calling me babe answered me with one words and he always said we were fine he was just had some problems at home that his nan was ill and the distance was getting in the way a bit kept hinting bit said we were fine I didn't understand what was going on. Till then one day I said when you come you want go pictures he didnt wanna go instead wanted to talk which straight away means they want to split up so basically did it over text we didnt speak again and then it came to my knowledge that he split up with me to get with another girl couple days after. How could you use your own nan as a exscuse made me fall in love with you trusted you with my heart for you to just break it. I will never rule love out again but guys like that are the reasons we lose trust.
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Jan 8, 2013