I Lost Self Respect And Dignity

I hate my ex!! I was with him for 9 months and I knew I was too good for him but I lowered myself and thought I was just like him. I threw all my priorities out the window and made him my life. My life no longer had any value. I was the most self less person to him and did everything for him. He on the other hand never appreciated anything I did. He was so selfish for me that he would not even ask if I wanted a drink when we went to his parents house. He would also often refuse to want to sleep with me which I took really badly. I felty like crap and tried so hard to look attractive to him. I however put on like 2 dress sizes since when we first met and he would tell me I had gotten fat. Constantly reminding me that I was fat and needed to go on a diet and to the gym. Fair enough I did but the way he said it was so mean and always insulting me!. I did not deserve to be treated like that. He took me to his family house for christmas and made me believe everything was fine. Then NYE he went out as he had to dj and didnt want me to come with him so I stayed home. Then the following friday he comes over and breaks up with me saying that he needed to be alone and wanted to focus on his career, fair enough. But then started saying I dont feel the spark like when we first met and how he didnt feel the same about me in bed and that he wasnt in love with me. Its like how do you suddenly decide all of this, then after saying he wants to be friends he cuts me off completely, no texting, no facebook , nothing. So I am leaving him to it. He was one of the most selfish people I have ever met and I cannot understand how one can be so selfish. I also cannotunderstand how he can completely cut me out of his life after being best friends and seeing eachother almost everyday.
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1 Response Jan 9, 2013

Your story sounds a lot like mine. People like your ex are selfish and only care about themselves. You know you are better than that. And in the end karma always bites them in the ***.