You Never Deserved Me

From the beggining you were and *** and I was so blind... so naive and loving and sweet that I didn´t hate you for that. You used me, you took me for a fool and I forgave you... more than once. Now after all of that you return and say you care about me and say you are my friend? F.... you!. Now you say you love your new girlfriend and a month ago you were chasing me and telling me to forget about her....! Jerk. I hate you so much... I hate what you did to me. You turned me into this.... I was a good person before you. Now I´m full of anger and hate... and you´re happy with her... that´s so unfair!. Someday you´ll regret it all and then I will have my peace of mind.
An Ep User An EP User
Jan 13, 2013