Copy And Paste.

i wish that there was a copy and paste feature in life.
i wish that i could copy and paste you out of my life.
when i think back to our relationship, i wonder is that all that i thought i deserved?
i thought that i deserved to be cheated on and lied to? did i think that it was okay to become pregnant and then allow you to talk me into an abortion, more than once? i use to cry because i thought that you were hurting me, but i cry now because i didn't know who i was or who i became while i was with you. i hate that girl. i hate that girl that allowed you to walk all over her, that allowed you to use her body and her heart without asking anything in return.

Without standing up for herself. i made all these changes and went through so much pain only not to end up together. My life has changed forever and i carry around some new battle wounds, but you know what, everything i've gone through has made me such a better person. Before I use to come on here and vent and write paragraph after paragraph and cry so much about you but now I don't have much to say about you and to you.

At the end of this I feel like I walked away with nothing and some things all at the same time.
i left that sad, depressed, girl with you in that relationship and I am the strong, beautiful, intelligent girl<3

you'll soon see that i am the one that you allowed to slip thru your fingers. Good luck cuz you'll need it. ;)
beautifulSTORM beautifulSTORM
18-21, F
Jan 21, 2013