My Ex And My Sister

He was my first boyfriend, and were together for 6 months in a real intense relationship. He was always close to my sister, maybe too close to her. My mom and other sister didn't like that, they thought it was awkward. I start feeling it was strange also, and told him. He said he was doing nothing bad, that they were only friends, and wouldn't stop talking or caring about her.

We eventually break up. But remain friends.

He remain close friends with my sister too. And start dating some months later. They become a couple.

They've been in a relationship for 2 years now.

I forgave them. And remain really close friends.

Does that make me stupid?

No one in my family know, except me.

But they are no longer hiding their relationship to their friends. And are thinking to tell my family soon.

I haven't talk about this with anyone. Not even a single friend of mine.

Are my family and friends going to see me in a wrong or pity way for this? i mean, for letting this happen to me?, and for remain close friends with both of them?
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2 Responses Jan 28, 2013

Had a bad expierience with your EX...check out! And tell the world what your EX was really like in a relationship!

I think in this case you are the bigger person. If you really feel like you let it go and you have forgiven them.
I think the family is going to be more angry for you than towards you (if they are angry at all, since you seem to have made peace with it).