Pregnant By My Ex

I'm five months pregnant the guy who I thought was my prince charming is my worst nightmare he treats me nice in my face talks crap behind my back cheat at first Ididnt belive it till Isaw it with my on eyes I'm hurting Ibroke up with him but it hard my family loves him his family hates me because he makes me crazzy rells them all are bussiness when Ijust keep everything bundled up inside ashamed to tell any one because I forgive so easy he cheated on me Icaught a girl in his bed but Iforgave him the netx day how can I be so stupid he says he loves me wants to get married but is to young for a relationship but makes me feel like were in one smh then tells me were justco parents I asked him what are we were sleeping togeather kissing cuddling I'm so confusssed and tired of being hurt my aunts comming cown from arizona this Thursday and she wants to meet him but we havdnt spoken in a few days after Itold him I hate him and I hope he dies and id spit in his face and want go to his funeral  and idk what to tell her and the netx doctor appt is netx week and idk if I can see him I just hate him so much I cry Idont even do much of that any more its just anger towards him
aalona1994 aalona1994
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1 Response Jan 29, 2013

It must be a really difficult time for you right now. Especially since everyone around seem to have chosen a side. I hope you will be okay