Pregnant Knowing Your Going To Be A Single Mom

My life is not were it should be or were Iwant it but Idont regret it I just wish Ifelt a little bit better how can Ilove some one who never loved me who was lying the whole time who wasted my time who got me pregnat just to leave Ihavent been with another guy or talked or even looked at another guy in years in only 18 been with him since I was 15 he's my first love the one I can be comfortable around some how he hurts me a lot then apologizes then does it again and I always forgive him should Ijust give up hope on us because he's not ready to commit Imean he's 21 and age doesn't matter Iknow a lot of guys his age who are amazing boyfriends should I forgive him knowing he's not ready to commit or make him want to change to have me in his life.
aalona1994 aalona1994
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1 Response Jan 30, 2013

By now you are a mom. Spend some time on yourself (and your child), and you will start to draw to you a better kind of guy. If you put yourself absolutely first, you'll draw someone who respects you. You'll really like what you become, too. So will your child.

Falling all over a screw-up and endlessly forgiving them sadly does not improve who they are, nor does it improve you. It sucks your soul until you cannot function. (Trust me on this-you WILL want those years of your life back! Give them to yourself now instead, by letting him go and looking forward to what's next. Have a little faith here...)

Loving yourself enough to be OK with letting a disrespectful or degrading person fade out of your life (or a bunch of them), is the best gift you can give yourself or your child. I promise.

There's nothing "snobby" about refusing to degrade or disrespect yourself, but people who do it to others often see it that way, and try to bully a person who stands their ground. If a person isn't strong enough, or doesn't see their own gifts and good side, they cave in. A person who really loves you genuinely wants you to respect yourself, and wants the very best for you.

I sense there's more involved. If you ever want to message me, feel free.