I Hate His Guts

i wrote something in this before..but ignore it...
...Well i was on my myspace yesterday morning i was about to go to sleep...well before i left i made this Graphic Quote for this site glitter-graphics..well anyways i posted it on my myspace bulletin and This MORON Came writing to me saying i was a H-O-E...FoR NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO REASON WHAT SO EVER... the Quote was about a Girl Falling For her Best Friends Friend...But she use 2 like her Friend but ended up Liking his best friend since he had turned her down....it got me SOOO FRUSTRATED...its like EVERYTIME im Happy He ALWAYS Comes and Mess's it Up..ALWAYS...omG Man i Cant Stand him anymore....HONESTLY iF He Died..i WOULDNT CARE....omG!!!!!! well..  i wrote bak a Few things.. then blocked him..omg i dont know i Hate him SO MUCH AT THE MOMENT ITS NOT FUNNiie..THE THINGS HE SAID SHOCKEDDDD ME ...im SOOOO MAD
SourLove SourLove
18-21, F
2 Responses May 28, 2007

Block his stupid *** and cut him out, see him in the street pretend he doesnt exist cuz chances are your aggravation is all the limp dicked plebeian has as entertainment.

I love how strong you're being....I read your story (which the other was good too) and dediced to join. I wanted you to know even similiar things happen to other, you are handling it better than I could have. Good for you.