I Hate Him.

I dated Him for 2 years. Freshman to Junior year. We had the same friends before we started dating. We went on a feild trip, and that's when we started getting close. I lost a friend who liked him because we started dating.Within a few weeks we were going steady. A few months and we were inceprible. He told me he loved me first. From then he called me before he'd fall asleep, just to tell me he loved me, and I did the same. He helped me through my grandpa's death. On our 1 and a half year anniversary, we did "the deed". It was my first time.

After that we started drifting farther apart. He stopped calling, and texting. I figured it was just a guy thing. I talked to our friend about His sudden falling off the planet, our friend said he wasn't busy, or grounded. I drove over to His house, and held awkward conversation while he played a video game, hardly paying attention. Then I couldn't take it. I turned off the console, and stood in front of the tv, asking "What is with you lately?", He said that nothing was wrong, and made it up to me by hooking up again.

When school started up on Monday, He completely ignored me. So before class started I asked him what was wrong, he hesitantly replied, "I don't know if I like you." shocked, I asked, "You don't know?!". He said "I don't feel like dating right now." I whimpered and went to my assigned seat, holding back the tears. During a break, I went to my best friend, and told him that we had just broke up, I hid behind him, not wanting to see my new ex. I drove home from school crying and locked myself in my room for a few hours.

The next day I avoided friends, since we had shared the same friends. During the period I shared with Him, I talked to Albert, his best friend, about random things. He asked how I felt between He and I, but he cut me off, and said, "I think you should know the truth about him. He's been cheating on you with a girl he met on myspace. For about two weeks." My jaw dropped. I started crying in the middle of class. Albert and my best friend helped me out of the classroom and into the girls bathroom. Soon my sadness turned to anger. I stomped back into the classroom, 20 minutes before class was out, grabbed my bag, told the teacher that I wasn't feeling well, but before leaving I shot him a look. He looked like he felt bad, but I didn't care.

The year school year ended. I'm happier now, even though I still share the same friends with him. I speak two words or less a day to him. I silently hate Him, the one who broke me, the one who dropped me when he found a girl on myspace who was better than me, the one who stole my virginity from a better man. The one who fooled me. I hate him. I hate Him.

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1 Response Oct 11, 2008

I know exactly how your feeling. Being betrayed is awful. but my advice, he did you a favour because firstly your stronger from it and secondly there is another guy who is worth your time out there.