I Never Thought I Could Hate Anyone

I hate him.I really do..we were together for 6 years and a child later...

I didn't ever hate him until my son started hurting because of his inability to be a man,no I can't ever imagine hating anyone more.........

My ex best friend's kids are getting all his affections while his son never even gets a phone call on his sixth birthday.....

I hope he rots in hell.
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5 Responses Jul 10, 2007

Since I posted this ( years ago) My son's father is now in his life ...his father takes him on a regular basis and I am glad he finally decided to do the right thing !

He and you lead separate lives now and each makes own choices. Let him chooses his ways while you are free to live life your way.<br />
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You seeing his wrongdoings is never enough, only he can make a judgment for himself. Stop focusing on him and bring your full attention to the life you and your son have together.<br />
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What you have to focus on is what is best for your child--PERIOD!! Yes, he might be a piece of sh-t, but he is still your son's father. You have to encourage and embrace that--otherwise you will only be hurting your child!!

he relle sounds like a peice of s*** but believe me karma is a bitchhhh it will come back to him =)

yes.I do shelter him although I hate to ..I make excuses for him as far as my son is concerned and keep a positive attitude in his presence ...I know it will all fall apart for him .....this I am sure of ..... <br />
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Thank you for you comment and your insight ........