He abused me mentally and physically and I have him two chances . The second time I thought he changed cus he lost me once , but he proved that wrong . I am so upset . Why am I not good enough to change for . I hate him . He convinced me to give him a second chance just to hurt me again.
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I hurt when I see people hurt, let alone the idea of being abused. I'm glad you're off the relationship. love and kindness should always be reciprocated. take care

people will be people. you shouldn't hold it against yourself that he didn't change. it's best to move on from people that don't treat you well. if you find your bae then let it be, but it's not good to dwell on the ones that will ultimately only hurt you. many hugs though <3 it's not easy. hope you heal

Thank u so much . You're right

Btw I snap shotted this to look at when I feel upset . Thanks again

I hate man