Abusive Cheating Manipulating Liar

So i met this guy when i was 14 years old, and i ended up loosing my virginity to him. (we werent dating at the time but we werent seeing other people) he always told me he loved me. 2 months later he moved to a different town & i didnt talk to him for 2 months. one day he calls me up and says he's in town and he wants to hangout. i said ok n it was like everything was back to normal. he ended up asking me out on my birthday i of course said yes. then a few weeks later rumors were going around the town saying he's kissed this person & he was flirting with this person, so i asked the girls they said it wasnt true he said it wasnt true. 2 months after being together he broke up with me for another girl he said he wanted someone more mature then me. 5 months went by i saw him & we hung out he ended up kissing me(i found out later the car i was in was stolen he had a warrent out for his arrest n he had a girlfriend at that time). He served 3 months in jail for breaking into a dunkin donuts for cash n driving without owners consent.

The day after he got out of jail i saw him in my home town when i was walking home he instantly called me over we hung out for a little bit we got eachothers numbers & i left. for the next week he was calling me telling me he missed me he loved me he never found anybody else like me & he wanted to be with me. so we started dating without me knowing he was releasted on bail & he still had 9 months to spend in jail i found that out a month before he went to jail. the day after my was when he would go to court n go back to jail. he didnt even spend my birthday with me he went to a party in NY & got ditched at some girls dorm room & me & his mom had to go get him the next day bring him to court and he was completely shitfaced drunk. that day was terrible he almost got in a fight with the baliff he tried to run out of the court house n he got thrown in contempt.

So he spent 9 months in jail writing me everyday calling me everytime he had money i would visit him everyweek even when he was in the hole n i had to talk to him on a tv or threw a window. plus i was the person sending out money from his parents. He said he wanted to get an appartment with me & i would be happy living the good life.

The day he got out of jail my grandfather died he conforted me... sorta. everything was good for a few weeks then the arguing started. My friend saw him flirting with his brothers girlfriend he spent the night at some girls house that he's done stuff with before we dated without telling me. when i confronted him about it he'd get all mad. He hardly pitched in for gas money, everytime he came down to see me he'd be like how am i gonna get back up to burlington when his house isnt even in burlington his job is.

He would do everything in his power to make me angry pretending to be asleep when im talking get on top of me & be dead wieght so i couldnt move him wrestle with me when i didnt feel good give me hickeys on my face. Hootin & holla at girls when im right there. make me pull him up the street on his skete board in 100 degree weather just because i did it once for fun. Id have to run to catch up to him or he'd leave me there on the streets. When i would cry because of something he did he would yell at me & tell me to cut it out. He made fun of my family, tell me other girls are prettier than me, threaten to break up with me if i didnt do what he wanted, blammed stupid stuff on me, ditch me places to do drugs & sell them, bite me slap me hold me down contort my body till it hurt held me over a ledge & say are ready even though he wasnt going to drop me, tombstoned me, put me over his shoulder and spin me (he dropped me on my head one day) take my stuff & wouldnt give it back when i asked for it, grabbed my bestfriend's boob when she stayed the night at my house with me & him. push me, grab me put me in a choke hold, pull my hair, pinch me, push me out of the way for his friends, and ignore me for them to. not to mention calling me every offensive term for a girl like calling me a **** on our 1 year anniversery

One day he told me if i didnt stop being a ***** i could leave n if i left it was over i looked him in the eyes & told him the way you treat me i dont give a **** i went to leave he said my name in a sweet voice n say dont leave. i satback down on the bed & not even a minute later he was being a jerk again calling me names saying your the one who started it when i went to raise my voice he threatened to punch me in the face. this all started because he wanted to have sex & i didnt want to i wanted to talk but he kept trying n it turned into me yelling at him get the **** off me

His brother was my best friend told me to dump him he's a dirtbag he treats you like **** but i couldnt i loved him plus i was kinda scared to. I was at his brothers staying the night when my ex should up pissed off at his brother & me for something i dont what he was drugged up & i went up stairs when i was up there my ex sucker punched his brother & his brother hit him right back. i came down stairs both of them are bleeding my ex the worst out of the two he's screaming i go outside to talk to him & he's up in my face telling me he's sick of me look what i did saying he was gonna break my jaw he threw a punch at the wall behind me & i took off down the street. He left his brother conforted me n i went home after his brother fell asllep.

Next day my ex calls me apolagizing he still wants to be with me but we need a break i said fine. few days later i caught some ugly looking girl giving him a lap dance grabbing his junk n i flipped slapped him upside the head went for a quick walk to calm down came back he said that girl gonna beat me up i said loved to see it he went to walk away i grabbed his shirt n he pushed me so i went flyin acrossed the ground my friend hit him i got up hit him 3 more times n then he left. He blammed the whole thing on me.

With him he manupulated things out of me like money sex a ride and somebody to be there for him when he got out of jail. oviously you can see why i call him abusive, he's a liar for saying he never cheated on me. I havent seen him in a couple months he's had 2 girlfriends since we broke up both dumped him. he tried threating to have his friends come down here to beat me up & 10 guys not including my father said send um down. He still tries to pull the nice guy trick n it dont work i've tried getting my number change & closing all comunications with him but it just doesnt work, according to people on the streets a restraing order doesnt even work with him.

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Ok you’ve had it rough with him, and he was an ***. I will give you that. I understand you loved him ect, ect. I went through a rough time with my cheating abusive ex as well. Here is the kicker though. When I met him I seen warning signs, but there were so small that I thought I was being paranoid. Ok now lets look at your warning signs…..<br />
<br />
“2 months after being together he broke up with me for another girl he said he wanted someone more mature then me. 5 months went by i saw him & we hung out he ended up kissing me(i found out later the car i was in was stolen he had a warrent out for his arrest n he had a girlfriend at that time). He served 3 months in jail for breaking into a dunkin donuts for cash n driving without owners consent. “<br />
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Nuff said? This is something I don’t understand. Knowing all of this, how on earth you thought he was a winner, baffles the heck out of me. Cheating and car theft alone is a low class act. Any idiot knows that. <br />
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I sympathize with you only because you were hurt, but you can only blame yourself for the poor judgment. I am sure now that you are no longer naïve and have learned not to put up with such losers, and even more so how to avoid them.

I didn't read the whole entry am too dizzy today. But by the sounds of things? Your situation is quite simliar to mine. Those loser ____ types get off on abusing women. You might have to move !!! They only stop what they do when they found some1 esle to abuse. He'll NEVER learn. Do not FORGIVE ..........forgiving is the stupidest thing us women do to ourselves. Took me forever I finally got rid of my loser! yes, restraining orders dont work either...................* i do pray you'll be okay*