No Good of a Man

Back in 2005 I met my ex he was a very sweet, funny, and caring guy. Well at least I thought he was. I was having problems w/ my dad but that's a whole new story but I needed to get away fr my dad. So I moved in w/ my ex( i only knew him for a month) and lil by lil his true colors started to show. He would start hitting me, throwing me against the wall, drag me across the floor plus call stupid, fat, and a b**ch . He cheated on me. Took all my money wouldn't let me buy anything for me. He told me what to wear how my make-up should be.  It was pretty bad. I put up w/ it months b4 I left him. I had to get a EPO on him.

sweetdreamsmylove sweetdreamsmylove
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1 Response Mar 4, 2009

I'm glad you left the *****! I hope you find someone who appreciates you! I wish you happiness, peace, and joy! Try to remember that not all guys are like that!