This Is Gonna Sound Like a Complete Ramble But Bear With Me!!!

I went out with a guy for two years, during that time I had to put up with his paranoia, jealousy and tantrums.  He has dsylexia, dyspraxia and spent all of his teenage years on drugs so I thought I could forgive him and maybe help him deal with it!  HOW SODDING WRONG I WAS!!!!!!! During that time he didnt want me to wear revealing clothes, I couldn't go out to clubs because he thought that I would cop off with some other guy, when i started uni and I was too tired and stressed out to see him he accused me of sleeping with some one else! He continuously dumped me throughout our relationship then phoned me at 5 in the morning sobbing on my doorstep about how sorry he was and it would never happen again!  Like a FOOL I said don't worry and took him back!!! I cannot remember one birthday, Xmas, New Years or celebrations when he hadn't ruined it by getting drunk and having a tantrum about something! Even if I was laughing at a male friends joke, apparantly I fancied them and wanted to sleep with them!!!!!!!!!!!  He went through my phone, msn and networking sites checking out what I was saying!  Yet ask him anything about his life and he shuts up!!!!  Now after having had enough, realising I couldnt help him, and getting myself the hell out of there he is still messing with my head!  Now my friends say I can't go out with them because my ex is gonna be there and it is too upsetting for him!!! He says he doesn't want to talk to me cos it is too upsetting, then says that I am a ***** for ignoring him!!!!  Am I supposed to feel guilty that he thinks he still loves me!!! I spent two years babysitting him adn mothering him, to get absolutely nothing back and now I am supposed to be a loner and feel guilty about it the fact he can't get over it!!!!!  I could always go out with other friends but they either live in another country all together! Or they are too far away to think about visiting for an evening, and I have work and uni that I can't duck out of!!! God there is so much i wanna say but this is too jumbled for me to work out where I left off!!!

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1 Response Mar 6, 2009

forget that dude, sounds like alot of baggage