So my ex boyfriend and I are attempting to be friends, and it is slightly inaccurate to say that I hate him, but he is a jerk. He knows that I still like him somewhat, and yet he just LOVES to tell me about what new girl interests him. He never says that he likes them, but he'll talk about the constantly. I might be okay with things like that if he wasn't also flirting with me in his free time. It's like he wants me to keep liking him, but he wants to like everyone else.
Another things, is that I'm not only jealous, but he actually insults me. He constantly says that I'm not as smart as him, or that I simply "can't understand him". I clearly can, and I've actually helped him through a lot of his problems. Now that we've stopped dating though, he treats me as though I am suddenly less than him.
I want him to be my best friend again, but he is being such a jackass. I think I'm still in love with who he used to be, not who he is now, and that I am trying to be friends for the sake of the person I used to know.
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Try being to busy for him. I've learned a lot the hard way, my last brief relationship being the worst! So what I can tell you really works, is when you show these creeps, that they are not worth your time, or on your level. And have to work hard to keep up with you. Fill your dance card up, do awesome things with your real friends, spend time pampering yourself, always looking well maintained. It lets these fools know, you have value, and value yourself above all....

You are young yet. Delete him as a BF and treat him as an acquaintance then soon he will realize what he has lost. You will meet another and possibly another in your teen years. Enjoy them.