I. Have. Had. It.

I absolutely CANNOT STAND my ex boyfriend. I LOATHE him. Go to hell and see if I care.


So here is my story


Well, we’ve been dating off and on for a year and a half. Not gonna lie, he was the love of my life. Hard to believe I used to love him now that I have so much hate towards him. Like, we planned on getting married & definitely had something special. It wasn’t your average couple. Well I’m going to brag and brag and brag about myself because I’ve been in a depression and damn it, its time I feel good about myself and tell HOW MUCH OF A GOOD GIRLFRIEND I WAS. Plus, I am 16 and super dramatic. And if you have a problem with it, then don’t read it. SO, I am pretty, have the best body EVER because I work out like crazy, and I AM A VIRGIN. A virgin?! Yes , that is every boy’s dream right there. Notice how I said “am”. Yeah no boy will ever convince me to give up something I WANT. I cannot stand it when girls give up their virginity to please a BOY. Who gives and eff what they want?! Do what YOU want. Like I was saying. I am going to wait till I get married. I would be the best housewife. I would never age and be beautiful forever and give my husband so many kids and cook and blah blah blah. I am the prettiest thing he WILL EVER LAY HIS HANDS ON. He is a man *****, 19, smokes, drinks, has no manners OR MORALS, has had sex 30 billion times, cusses right in front of me, lies, has the UGLIEST CAR IN THE WORLD, and has the worst body I have ever seen in my entire life.  Umm, he should be worshipping the ground I walk on. He should be glad I ever gave him the time of day. He has SCREWED UP. You don’t find too many good girls out there anymore. He never took me on A ONE ON ONE date or paid for ANYTHING. He was everything I DON’T need in my life. Oh and let me add this, he is not in college, he joined the marines, is a complete bum, and has no job. Tell me if that does not scream “loser” right in your face. I had sooooo many people (INCLUDING MY MOM) tell me how much of a loser he was and how much better I could get. Gah, I hate that son of a *****. Well, in my delusional little head, I loved him. He treated my like ****. He would go days, no excuse me, WEEKS without calling me because he would be getting wasted with one of his friends down at some local college because he literally bums off everyone. He is such an embarrassment. Well, he hurt me so many freakin times and I just KEPT GOING BACK TO HIM! And whenever we were together no doubt, by the end of the night he would always try to stick his hands up my dress. HELL NO. Oh and get this, on the first date EVER, he took me to this guy’s house (who he didn’t even know) where they were doing drugs. On the FIRST date I watched people getting high. He is just so classy.


Well I seriously think he has mental problems. He has bipolar. He goes on these binges where no one knows where he is and he refuses to answer his phone.  He’s been kicked out of his own house so many times because he disrespects his parents like no other. It is absolutely ridiculous. Long story short, he stopped texting me around Christmas and cut off all contact from me. I went into this long depression because I felt so unloved. Well he started calling me again like 2 weeks ago and GUESS WHO FELL FOR IT?! I truly hate myself for giving him so many chances. So we got back together and he was totally different…or so I thought. We had a relationship status on facebook and he was really paying attention to me this time. We were going to the valentines dance and planning on going to the beach and so on and so on. Well I log onto facebook on Wednesday night and notice that it says he is “single”. Yep, my ex broke up with me over facebook. So I tried calling him because I was so confused. We had all these plans this weekend and everything was going good. I JUST DON’T UNDERSTAND IT! So he never called me or anything. And his friends tried calling me to see what was up because apparently he was on one of his cycles again and cut off all communication to himself because the boy is a psycho. well I logged onto facebook again today and he has indeed used his phone to get on it which means he has INDEED seen my messages and calls. The little **** acted as if nothing ever happened. Like everything was a complete joke to him. I am done. He has embarrassed me in front of everyone, completely ruined my self esteem, and slapped me in the face! I hate him soo much. Oh I am going to get another boyfriend and see what he does. SCREW YOU. I am glad though, that I can finally quit being sad and MOVE ON. I am so ready to get a boy who will respect me :)

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2 Responses Feb 5, 2010

Awwwwww jeez thanks girl!!!:) You're really sweet and sooo encouraging!!! Wellllll guess what?!?! I have indeed found someone neww...and lord, i didn't know what love was!!! Haha jk. I still don't know yet. I mean, I am 16.. but he is sooo affectionate. It just shows me alll the stuff I was missing out on when I was dating that filthy douche bag. But you're really sweet :)

I'm 19 and I completly agree with you about virginity. I can't believe he took you to a strangers house for your first date and you had to see that stuff! Ugh he does sound like a scumball. Why do women always fall for these guys? What's wrong with us?! Why can't we ever find someone nice at ALL?!?! You're still young though. I'm glad you learned from your mistakes. I hope you find a nice respectful guy out there for you. DON'T TAKE LESS THAN PERFECT! Just reading this makes me think you are worth so much more to a guy. Good Luck! :-]