Give Me My F**king Money

I dated this pathetic guy for about two years, I hated myself when we met so I thought only a piece of **** like him would like me.

He lied all the time, he was a kleptomaniac, he was an ex junkie - what the f was I thinking.  But he was smooth, he told me all the right things.  I mean this guy should have been a used car salesman, and I was the naive country girl new to the big city, and finding it hard to fit in.  He was from a lot of money, but was on rocky terms with some of his family, so I foolishly loaned him a substantial amount of money which I believed, as he told me, would be repayed very quickly.  We were living together at the time of the loan and he was a good housemate - very clean, a good cook, and all the rest he convincingly lied about.  Every day I asked about the money and every day he had an excuse - 'the cheque is clearing',' it will be in on Monday', 'I can't access it till next week,' blah blah bullshit...  Then he started using again, and lying about that.  Like I couldn't see the big hole in his arm.  Like I believed it was 'dirt' or a 'scratch'.  I moved out and far away from him, but I still hounded him about the money and the ******* excuses kept flowing from his lying mouth.  It is two years since I loaned him the money and I am still waiting for it.  I like myself again now, and I hate that I still have to call this guy. 

I hate him like I never thought I could hate a person.  But he sure did open my eyes to the ****** up side of humanity.  I hope he knows how much he has disappointed his much loved mother, I hope he goes blind and I hope he remains alone and miserable.    I hope he gives me back my ******* money today so I never have to think about him again.


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1 Response Feb 14, 2010

I think in order for you to flush his image out of your system, you must flush the money along with him. Good luck.