Knocks Up Whoever He Meets!!!!

my ex dirt bag trailer park dumpster diving ex is the most vile disgusting pig I've ever met! His name IS MARK-I kicked him to the curb 1 year ago-2 months after I kicked that sleeze to the curb-he knocked up the next loser who came along! he lies to her and takes her $$$$$ (she DOESNT see it) he drained me of my bank account and is addicted to **** and fishing! he says he doesnt LOVE her ......BUT lets her rtext me nasty BS! I hope his big ugly balls fall off!!!! I have 2 children from him who I love more than anything but HE was the biggest grossest mistake ever! this is baby #4 for him and baby mama #3-he claims he needs to get fixed before he knocks up anyone else-

markisafool markisafool
41-45, F
1 Response Feb 15, 2010

that guys an *** you should of cripped his man hood so he couldn't knock anyone else up but good job